MSc Management student, Luyu Yang, talks about her time at Bristol

Luya Yang - MSc Management studentWe chatted to MSc Management student, Luyu Yang to find out more about why she chose to come to the UK, and particularly Bristol, for her master’s degree.

1. Tell us about your course, what opportunities and connections did it provide?

The course provided me with the necessary knowledge which I needed to master for my ideal further job which is in consulting. As my undergraduate major is in English, having no connections with business management, it’s been really important to me to focus in the specialist areas this postgraduate course offered.

2. What were the content and style like of the course?

The content includes basic theory and case analysis. The style combines self-learning and teaching, which gives us more opportunities to train our self-thinking ability.

3. What did you love most about your course?

The teaching method with both lectures and tutorials was totally new to me. But it became my favourite part.

4. How has the University supported you?

There are workshops about how to write your CV and how to plan your career development. Also, there are plenty of emails and communications informing us of the latest career talks, so we never missed out.

5. What’s next for you?

It is the recruitment season in China now so I am on the way to find job!

6. Where could this course take students?

It’s a great course to help make students clearer about their future career paths and offers a lot of skills for your CV for the professional job-searching process.

7. Describe Bristol City.

It is a beautiful and warm city. The river, the hills, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, all the scenery in Bristol makes me feel comfortable. People here are all warm-hearted and willing to help others.

8. What do you honestly think of the city?

My favourite place is the harbourside which is near to my accommodation. Every time I walk along the river, I will forget all the troubles and immerse myself into the blue scenery.

9. Do you feel welcome in Bristol?

Of course. I can often see people smile to me on the street.

10. Describe your University of Bristol experience.

The University of Bristol is a really nice place to study. Professors here are all very knowledgeable and happy to pass their wisdom on to the students. University staff are always ready to give students help and suggestions at any time. The libraries offer students a quiet place to write and read.

11. Why did you choose the University of Bristol, are you happy you did, and would you recommend it?

I chose the University of Bristol because it has an excellent international ranking and Bristol is ranked as the most comfortable city to live in England. After one year of studying, I feel lucky to have chosen Bristol and I am willing to recommend this university to everyone who intends to study in England.

12. What would you say to any international students thinking of coming here?

Don’t hesitate, you won’t regret your choice!

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