Why is Bristol a great place to study Business, Management and Marketing?

Image of the coloured houses overlooking the floating harbour

The city of Bristol is a remarkable place to live and study. We’ve highlighted some of the key areas that we believe make studying in Bristol unique, especially for those with a keen interest in business subject areas.

Bristol…Supports Entrepreneurs of the Future

Bristol city is a hub of creativity and innovation, perfect for entrepreneurs looking for their next venture. SETsquared Bristol is a business incubator that offers a unique environment designed to grow your technology business. Discover more about how you can get involved with SETsquared for your business.

If you’re looking for a master’s programme that focusses on entrepreneurship and innovation with management, then look no further than our MSc Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation). It’s the perfect course for students who aspire to start their own business or take their new knowledge and expertise to help start-ups.

Bristol…is a Hub of Creativity

The city of Bristol is incredibly progressive with a supportive network of creative industries available at your fingertips. Enterprise and partnership are central to Bristol’s success with ventures such as the Engine Shed providing space for entrepreneurs, businesses, academics and students to interact.

Our MSc in Marketing is specially crafted to open a world of opportunities. It will prepare you to respond to the marketing challenges posed by today’s global business environment, and with our module choices you can specialise in marketing strategy or digital marketing, giving you the skills to even start your own business and join Bristol’s hub of creative industries!

Bristol…is Sustainable and Green

Bristol is well known for being pro-active in sustainability and responding to urban environmental challenges.  It was even the first city to be named European Green Capital. There’s loads of opportunities to get involved in the city, from Big Green Week to the Festival of Nature and the annual Walking Festival and celebrate the city’s commitment to sustainability. Discover more about Bristol’s sustainability activity on our website.

At the Business School, our academics are also dedicated to sustainable research. Our Research Theme: Sustainable Production, Inclusivity, Consumption and Economy examines sustainable business practices, including the changing ways in which goods and services are sourced.

Sustainability is a key area of our MSc Management (CSR and Sustainability) degree that will allow Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the theories and practices that underpin CSR and Sustainability in today’s organisations.

Bristol…has a University of Opportunities

Did you know the University of Bristol has a New Enterprise Competition? Every year there’s an award of £35,000 of funding to entrepreneurial students, staff and alumni, and you can apply with your start-up idea! Find out more about this year’s winners PEEQUAL and how to apply.

If you’re more interested in extracurricular activities to pursue alongside your studies, why not take a look at Bristol Futures. Get stuck into innovative learning resources cleverly designed to help you fulfil your academic and personal potential. You could tackle the key challenges of Global Citizenship, Sustainable Futures and Innovation and Enterprise. There’s something for everyone at the University of Bristol!

Bristol…is Buzzing

The city of Bristol is a lively and diverse environment, buzzing with loads of exciting things to see and do. Whether you’re looking for culture, sports, entertainment, food you’ll never run out of options. Take a look at our blog Top 5 Things to Do and See in Bristol for some inspiration!


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