Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

Mac desktop screen with words 'Digital Marketing' displayed2024 will be the year of change. The Marketing and Consumption group at the University of Bristol Business School predicts a shift in the digital marketing landscape as new technologies become more widely available and sustainability continues to rise higher on the agenda. Here our Marketing academics and PhD researchers weight in on the imminent developments in the sector.


Transnational Corporations – Benefactors of Western Life or Vicious Exploiters?

Students from the University of Bristol Business School have been investigating the role Transnational Corporations play within global supply chains. Here, one of the students of our International Human Resource Management module, Stephen Angelo Savvanis-Nasiotis , explains their findings. (more…)

The Work, Employment, Organisation and Public Policy (WEOPP) research group – research statemtent

The Work, Employment, Organisations and Public Policy (WEOPP) academic group engages in research and engagement on a range of organisational forms and practices. It comprises approaches that are typically connected to wider social, political and cultural issues. Key research strengths are in the areas of:


The Four Day Week – Workplace Panacea or Faustian Pact?

Want to work 20% less hours for the same pay?  

Here’s a debate to enliven your lunchtime chat, and because pretty much everyone around the table has had a job, or goes to school, everyone will have an opinion. In October 2023, ministers warned English councils not to adopt a four-day week regardless of encouraging data from South Cambridgeshire District Council’s positive trial. In fact, working hours have been reducing over the past century, it’s a trend that’s set to continue, alongside working flexibly, remotely and smarter. Numerous trials expound positive benefits including enhancing employee motivation, loyalty, health and wellbeing…doesn’t it all sound a bit too good to be true? (more…)

University of Bristol secures funding for revolutionary research into manufacturing supply chains

The UK and UKRI are leading the responsive manufacturing revolution with their recent funding call and Innovation Launchpad Network

University of Bristol academics Dr Phil Davies and Dr James Gopsill have recently been awarded a grant for £100,000 for two research projects that will address this issue of supply chain resilience and the role of AI in creating improvements. (more…)

Why do people become social entrepreneurs and what is their role in our globalised world?

The value of social entrepreneurship is widely recognised, as every day it is estimated to help over 1 billion lives, and further benefits are expected through its expansion. Yet, how do we support and encourage individuals to embark on social entrepreneurship journey?

Research conducted by Ana Dobre now alumni of BSc Management at the University of Bristol Business School, and supervised by Dr Rushana Khusainova, uncovers motivations behind why people become social entrepreneurs and their role in our globalised world. (more…)

How has sustainability changed the careers landscape for Business School graduates and how can we prepare for the future?

With the changing regulatory landscape and introduction of mandatory sustainability reporting standards in accounting, sustainability has become ubiquitous in the careers landscape for graduates in this sector.  The University of Bristol Business School is developing ways to make the curriculum in the Business School future-oriented, to prepare students to be impactful leaders and decision-makers in sustainability-related areas in their future careers.


Bridging the Gap to Sustainability: My Student Journey at the University of Bristol

Deeshen Shah was working in Engineering when he decided to make a change and study MSc Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) at the University of Bristol, he graduated in 2022. Here he discusses what drove that decision and what the future holds. (more…)

The University for Bristol?

Josh Lamyman is an undergraduate at the University of Bristol, studying economics and philosophy. Before joining AskingBristol, he gained experience in the third sector as a volunteer at Shout’s mental health text service and his local food bank. AskingBristol is transforming the Third Sector by connecting Bristol-based charities with individuals, organisations and businesses. Professor Martin Parker from the Business School has been involved since 2019, supervising students who have been employed through the Professional Liason Network in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Here Josh reflects on how the University of Bristol connects with organisations and businesses within the city.