Navigating the grant capture, interdisciplinarity and impact: the early-career researcher (ECR) perspective

Insights and takeaways from the Faculty ECR event ‘How to live well as a researcher?’

Held in an atmospheric suite at Engineer’s House, this event brought together early-career researchers (ECRs) from across the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences, offering an opportunity for a dialogue across different schools. Prof Patrick Capps, the Faculty Research Co-Director, welcomed the participants and highlighted the institutional commitment to providing the ECRs with support to develop their research career at Bristol.


Should the state pension age go up in countries with ageing populations?

As societies worldwide get older, the debate over raising the state pension age becomes increasingly pressing. Aging populations, coupled with declining fertility rates and rising life expectancy, are reshaping the landscape of public spending, particularly on pensions. Many countries are grappling with this demographic shift by considering, or implementing, increases in the state pension age.


On tennis business: how slow marketing and quality product bring success to a Spanish tennis academy

Person standing on a tennis court holding a tennis ball and racket

We caught up with Dr Rushana Khusainova, Senior Lecturer in Marketing about her recent experience at 4Slam Tennis Academy in Barcelona. Dr Khusainova’s teaching and research focuses on mindset, marketing and soft skills and so, fascinated by the success and popularity of the academy despite limited use of promotional marketing, Dr Khusainova interviewed 4Slam CEO and co-founder Jairo Velasco about the academy’s marketing strategies.

The academy utilises slow organic marketing, quality product and prioritise user experience as the keys to their success – in the blog below Dr Khusainova shares her findings.


Navigating Truth in a Post-Trust World: Building Trust in an Era of Disinformation

In today’s day and age, truth is a currency in constant flux. We find ourselves navigating a landscape where facts blur with opinions, and trust seems elusive. But how did we arrive at this juncture, and more importantly, how do we forge a path forward in a post-trust world?


Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women’s Sport

Dr Fiona SpotswoodDr Fiona Spotswood from the University of Bristol Business School and Professor Martin Hurcombe from the School of Modern Languages recently co-hosted a day of events exploring the consumption and representation of women’s sport. Their focus was on the historical exclusion within the realm of women’s sports and the exploration of opportunities for future change.


Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

Mac desktop screen with words 'Digital Marketing' displayed2024 will be the year of change. The Marketing and Consumption group at the University of Bristol Business School predicts a shift in the digital marketing landscape as new technologies become more widely available and sustainability continues to rise higher on the agenda. Here our Marketing academics and PhD researchers weight in on the imminent developments in the sector.


How has sustainability changed the careers landscape for Business School graduates and how can we prepare for the future?

With the changing regulatory landscape and introduction of mandatory sustainability reporting standards in accounting, sustainability has become ubiquitous in the careers landscape for graduates in this sector.  The University of Bristol Business School is developing ways to make the curriculum in the Business School future-oriented, to prepare students to be impactful leaders and decision-makers in sustainability-related areas in their future careers.


ESG and Responsible Investment

Last week the University of Bristol Business School, along with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, hosted ‘Bank of England economic update and ESG from a stewardship perspective’. Dr Yi Li, Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, attended the event, here she outlines her key takeaways. (more…)