Unwrapping food supply chains and their climate impacts

Crops growing in a fieldWhat factors effect food supply chains and how can we build a more sustainable system for the future? In this fantastic video series, Dr Lucy McCarthy from the University of Bristol Business School and Dr Anne Touboulic from the University of Nottingham, unwrap their knowledge on this topic. (more…)

Research and Engagement Workshop in Accounting and Accountability – 10 May 2023 in Bristol

A person sat at a desk using a calculator.The Accounting Departments of the University of Essex, the LSE and the University of Bristol are pleased to announce the organisation of a workshop on research and engagement in accounting and accountability. The aim of this workshop is to provide researchers a forum to discuss how engagement can shape research and vice versa.


New Research in Finance Shows Peer Review is Paramount in Reducing Non-Standard Errors

Professors Nick Taylor and Ian Tonks, of the University of Bristol Business School, formed part of a major international collaborative project assessing the variations in results across research teams in providing answers to typical finance research questions. The paper, Non-standard errors, features 250 joint authors, and explores the difference in results found by researchers when independently testing the same hypothesis on the same data sample. This is important for research in financial economics because variability in data cleaning and choice of an estimation method adopted by a research team is not usually allowed for in establishing the significance of empirical research. (more…)

Digital marketing trends in 2023

Silver Imac on brown wooden table

New year, new rules? Our Marketing and Consumption group at the University of Bristol Business School believes that 2023 will bring some important shifts in the digital marketing landscape, ranging from digital platforms supporting well-being, to new solutions to sustainability, and many more – the list goes on. Below, some of our Marketing academics and PhD researchers share their expert opinions on the upcoming development in these areas. Without a doubt, this year has plenty in store for everyone involved in this space!


Understanding mental health care as a landscape of different professions – and what to do about it to improve its delivery

New research by the University of Bristol Business School and Curtin University (Australia) academics explores how to respond to today’s grand challenges, such as mental health, by working together across different types of organisations and professions. (more…)

Professor Daniel Neyland appointed as the new Bristol Digital Futures Institute (BDFI) Co-Director

We’re delighted to announce and congratulate Professor Daniel Neyland on his appointment as the new Co-Director for BDFI (Bristol Digital Futures Institute). Daniel joined the University of Bristol as a social scientist in September 2022, and for over 25 years has worked on sociotechnical research, with particular interests in issues of accountability, responsibility and values in science, technology and forms of organisation.

BDFI look forward to working with him as they enter a new phase of development with more staff, projects, an operational research hub and tested facilities.