Sending University of Bristol Business School students to attend the CBI annual conference 2022

University of Bristol Business School Cup at CBI Conference 22

With the support of the University of Bristol Business School, it is my great privilege to have attended the 2022 CBI Annual Conference last week, the UK’s highest-profile business conference.

I and my fellow students spent both days enjoying the amazing, inspirational presentations and talks given by the many experts and speakers and looking around the venue and networking with like-minded business individuals. 

Students from the University of Bristol Business School

The 2-day conference at Birmingham has brought together key figures from a wide range of UK industries, their ideas, experience and professional insights are an important scope into the future of the UK for SMEs and individuals, especially for students at the exploration stage.

With all the talks and presentations we were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the PM Rishi Sunak and MP Keir Starmer also attended the conference with their parties’ development strategies and sharing their ideas and advice to the audience.

The most fascinating part of the CBI conference for me was the speech given by the NHS CEO, Amanda Pritchard, who gave a great talk on day 2, which overlaps with my current research area; cost management of the public healthcare service. Other areas discussed during the talk were the views and issues raised about the future development of the NHS, which offered me inspiration in helping to better understand the potential growth of the UK healthcare system.

I appreciate the University of Bristol Business School for offering me and my fellow students this amazing opportunity to attend the CBI conference and further my own knowledge and understanding for my future career in the industry.

2023, let’s go for growth!

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Yilong Chen, MSc Accounting and Finance

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