What are the key challenges in developing sustainability strategies in organisations? Sustainability strategies in organisations workshop April 2023

PLN Sustainability Workshop April 2023

The Professional Liaison Network, part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Bristol delivered a collaborative workshop on Sustainability Strategies in Organisations. This event, hosted by Burges Salmon looked to promote discussion on the key challenges around developing sustainability strategies in organisations.



University of Bristol Business School Duo Awarded Quantum Advisory Prize for Excellence in Mathematics

Data and fingers with lines

Congratulations to two Accounting and Finance graduates at the University of Bristol who have secured the Quantum Advisory Prize for stand-out achievements in their courses. Along with the notable accolade, Anna Wolstenholme and James (Jim) Robb will also split the prize to help further their careers in the fields of accounting and finance. (more…)

Professor Daniel Neyland appointed as the new Bristol Digital Futures Institute (BDFI) Co-Director

We’re delighted to announce and congratulate Professor Daniel Neyland on his appointment as the new Co-Director for BDFI (Bristol Digital Futures Institute). Daniel joined the University of Bristol as a social scientist in September 2022, and for over 25 years has worked on sociotechnical research, with particular interests in issues of accountability, responsibility and values in science, technology and forms of organisation.

BDFI look forward to working with him as they enter a new phase of development with more staff, projects, an operational research hub and tested facilities.


Congratulations to Dr Anita Mangan who has been appointed Editor of the Journal of Co-operative Studies

Journal of Co-operative studies logo

We’re delighted to announce that Dr Anita Mangan, Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies at the University of Bristol Business School has been appointed Editor of the Journal of Co-operative Studies.

Dr Mangan’s research on co-operatives is broadly themed around social justice in organisation studies. She is currently working on projects about union co-ops, Irish credit unions’ responses to Covid-19, and the development of Bristol co-operatives and community benefit societies. She is lead of the Sustainable Production & Consumption and Inclusive Economy research group. 


Sending University of Bristol Business School students to attend the CBI annual conference 2022

University of Bristol Business School Cup at CBI Conference 22

With the support of the University of Bristol Business School, it is my great privilege to have attended the 2022 CBI Annual Conference last week, the UK’s highest-profile business conference.

I and my fellow students spent both days enjoying the amazing, inspirational presentations and talks given by the many experts and speakers and looking around the venue and networking with like-minded business individuals. 


We are the Bristol Trading Society at the University of Bristol

Bristol trading Society LogoThe Bristol Trading Society is one of the most prestigious student-led investment societies in Bristol and is the only society specialising in trading and financial markets education. They are led by an experienced and knowledgeable team, with industry connections. Their mission is to enhance members’ financial literacy, nurture their passion for trading, educate, engage, and provide exposure with our unique hands-on approach.

Below the President tells us all about what the society offers to the University of Bristol Business School students and how you can join and attend to further your passion in the financial markets and trading.


Does the financial media play a monitoring role around corporate disclosures?

Mobile phone with graphs and glasses on data sheetManagers issue press releases to communicate information about their firms to investors and other market participants. They often choose to complement disclosures of quantitative performance with qualitative information; in fact, the use of optimistic or pessimistic language throughout financial disclosures can be a tool for managers to either improve investors’ perceptions of firm fundamentals or misinform them.

The financial media closely follows firms’ disclosures and could play an important role as an information intermediary by broadly disseminating the critical points of the news releases, packaging information together from multiple sources, and producing new information.



Are CSR firms good tax citizens?

Trees overhead with text CSR (corporate social responsibility) Many public firms highlight their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) credentials in corporate communication with investors, analysts and the general public. Sceptics have argued that CSR firms often use Greenwashing strategies whereby their real actions and strategies are not entirely compatible with the “advertised” CSR credentials.

One question that is often raised in this context is whether CSR firms are also good taxpayers, as may be expected of CSR firms. But, perhaps they attempt to deflect attention to less benevolent activities, such as avoiding taxes. In particular, tax authorities may perceive CSR firms as good taxpayers and scrutinise less CSR firms.