Fostering Impactful Research at the University of Bristol Business School

At the University of Bristol Business School, our academics are dedicated to conducting research that makes a tangible difference in society. On 27th March, an Impact Case Study event was organised by Professor Evarist Stoja and the Business School research team where our academics came together to share and evaluate the impact of their work.


This event served as a platform for sparking insightful discussions and reflections, spotlighting the profound effects of our research endeavours. Here is a roundup of some of the impactful case studies presented by our academics:

Circular Agriculture Hub

Dr Lucy McCarthy and Dr Anne Touboulic (University of Nottingham)

Our current food system faces numerous challenges, including reliance on imports and limited domestic production of fruits and vegetables. To enhance resilience in the food supply chain, Dr Lucy McCarthy and Dr Anne Touboulic are leading research to co-create and trial a circular business model. Focusing on apples, this research comprehensively examines the apple supply chain from growing to end product, aiming to reduce food waste, minimise financial losses, improve environmental resilience and address food inequality and insecurity in local communities.

Key Research Impacts:

  • Extensive engagement with the farming community and stakeholders across the food supply chain, including workshops bringing together the different actors, visiting growers and redistributors on site.
  • Establishment of resources to support project activities, including connections with growers, redistribution networks, and potential new user groups.

Gambling Advertising on Social Media

Professor Agnes Nairn and Dr Raffaello Rossi

With the alarming rise in child gambling problems, understanding the impact of social media gambling ads is crucial. Professor Agnes Nairn and Dr Raffaello Rossi’s research analysed gambling ads on X and revealed concerning trends, including the lack of age warnings and disguised ads. Their work prompted action from regulatory bodies and highlighted the need for stronger protections for children and young people.

Research Impacts:

  • Public consultation initiated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about rules protecting children.
  • Notice sent to all esports betting brands by ASA, citing research findings.
  • Change of regulations to include content marketing other the ASA’s remit.
  • The UK Gambling Minister called our work “landmark research” that is a “textbook example of what collaboration in tackling gambling harms can deliver”.

Fostering Inclusive Action Sport

Dr Fiona Spotswood and Professor Martin Hurcombe

Despite growing opportunities for women in mountain biking, gender inequality persists. Dr Fiona Spotswood and Professor Martin Hurcombe’s research explores how women engage with the sport and aims to transform its culture to be more inclusive. Their work has led to the development of a policy framework, informed by collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders, to promote gender equality in mountain biking.

Key Research Impacts:

  • Development of a policy framework, funded by the Policy Support Fund, to guide policy partners’ efforts in promoting gender equality. Policy partners include British Cycling, Welsh Cycling, Scottish Cycling, Forestry England, and The International Mountain Bike Association (Europe).
  • Delivery of workshops to industry, media, and policy organisations to disseminate findings and drive change.

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