Empowering Communities: The Professional Liaison Network Collaborates with Bristol Energy Network

The Professional Liaison Network (PLN) successfully bridges academia and positive real-world action for students at the University of Bristol Business School through a range of exciting placements and projects.

Located in the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences, the PLN seeks to enrich students’ academic journeys while equipping them with invaluable hands-on experiences to succeed beyond graduation. The PLN’s recent partnership with Bristol Energy Network enabled students to understand the work that goes into creating community-focused energy initiatives.

Fostering Collaboration Between Students, Businesses, and Community Organisations

Bristol Energy Network is a small but dedicated organisation with a keen focus on leveraging energy initiatives to enhance communities throughout Bristol. From assisting communities in reducing energy bills to spearheading projects like building community-owned wind turbines, their endeavors are diverse yet unified in their aim of community empowerment. Recognising the immense potential of additional resources, Rachael Moffat from Bristol Energy Network was keen to collaborate with the Professional Liaison Network and benefit from fresh perspectives as their organisation grows. “We’re a really small organisation so it’s really helpful having some external resources to support us in the work that we do.”

Empowering Students through Hands-On Learning

Through the PLN, students have the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to real-world challenges faced by organisations like Bristol Energy Network. By engaging with community organisations, students gain invaluable insights and skills that prepare them for impactful roles in their future careers. Moffat reflects, “These are really helpful skills… [the students] came and attended our annual conference so they got a bit of a national perspective… with the added benefit of it being very useful for a local organisation.”

Providing Businesses with Fresh Perspectives

For Businesses, collaborating with the PLN offers businesses the chance to not only foster the development of the next generation but also to tap into a pool of enthusiastic student talent with innovative ideas and academic expertise. Moffat acknowledges the support received from the PLN and the students, stating “[i]t’s been really useful for us to have something looked at that we just didn’t have the time to spend attention on ourselves.”

Inspiring Students to Make a Difference

University of Bristol Business School students recognise the PLN as a platform for unlocking opportunities and making a tangible impact in real-world community initiatives like energy conservation and sustainability. As Moffat summarises, “[i]t’s a really nice way for the University of Bristol to give back to local organisations in this city. Lots of other local organisations could benefit from working with the PLN.” By joining the PLN, students can connect with organisations like Bristol Energy Network and contribute to positive initiatives that make an impact in local communities.

Join a thriving network, join the Professional Liaison Network (PLN).

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