Elevating Possibilities: The Transformative Power of PLN Collaborations

Alex Feis-Bryce (male) next to title: Professional Collaborations; Transform DrugsThe Professional Liaison Network (PLN) facilitates the crossover from academia to real-world impact for students at the University of Bristol Business School. The programme drives transformative collaborations and meaningful connections that benefit students and businesses alike. Situated within the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences, the PLN gives University of Bristol Business School students the opportunity to take part in exciting placements and projects. The PLN have had a close relationship with the Transform Drug Policy Foundation for some time, enabling students to experience the realities of working with Policy.

Bridging the Gap: Students in Action

As an independent, Bristol based think tank and charity, Transform advocates for drug laws that are founded on evidence and human rights whilst also promoting safer and healthier societies. Highlighting the positive experiences Transform has cultivated throughout its extensive history with the University of Bristol, Alex was eager to explore a partnership with the PLN with the aim of providing support to students from the University of Bristol Business School who have an interest in drug policy.

Alex Feis Bryce, CEO of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation emphasises the pivotal role of the PLN in providing students with more than just academic insights. The collaboration goes beyond theory, offering students hands-on experiences that prepare them for impactful roles in the future. “For us, the benefit was being able to support students who might have an interest in drug policy, getting that day-to-day experience of working in the sector and trying to bring about change,” Alex explains.

Real-World Impact Through Student Contributions

Despite being a small organisation, the Transform Drug Policy Foundation found substantial value in the collaboration. Alex was amazed by the impact the PLN had on his charity’s initiatives and the benefit of having a “fresh pair of eyes” along with someone who had a genuine interest and passion for the subject. By welcoming students into their team through the PLN, they gained additional resources and fresh perspectives, ultimately leading to positive changes for everyone involved.

Why Choose the PLN?

For Students:

  • Beyond Theory: PLN collaborations offer hands-on experiences, preparing students for impactful roles in their future careers.
  • Real-world Connections: Connect with organisations like the Transform Drug Policy Foundation and be part of initiatives that drive positive change.

For Businesses:

  • Fresh Perspectives: Collaborate with a talent pool of enthusiastic students, gaining access to innovative ideas and academic expertise.
  • Meaningful Impact: Engage with the next generation, contributing to their development while enhancing corporate social responsibility.

Unlocking Opportunities for All

Alex Feis-Bryce’s recommendation resonates as a guiding principle: “Don’t just do it if you want someone to come in and do menial tasks; do it if you really want to have an enthusiastic, passionate person who can bring a different and new perspective.”

The PLN is more than just a network; it’s a platform that elevates possibilities for students, businesses, and prospective talents. Join the PLN at University of Bristol Business School and understand the influential power of these collaborations in shaping your own academic and professional journey.

Learn more about The Professional Liaison Network (PLN).

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